Basic embed code
Embed code with no autostart
Hidden embed code
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Basic embed code. Copy and paste into your webpage. Replace yourmusicfile.mid with your file.

<embed src="yourmusicfile.mid" hidden="true" autostart="true" volume="100" width="1" height="1">

Looks like this...

This embed code will completely HIDE your embedded music file.
Your web vistors will hear music playing and there will be NO display
for your visitors to turn off the sound.
WARNING: Very annoying to hear music playing and have no way to turn off sound.
You can place this tag anywhere you want.
Since it will not display, it does not matter where you place the tag as long as it is after the <body> tag.

You have learned how to embed a basic music file.
You have also learned how to hide the embedded music file.
Reminder: Hiding a music file requires you to use the autostart="true" command.
You must have autostart set at true when hiding an embedded file. If you do not; your webpage viewers will not hear your file playing.

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